PrEP Benefits

Choosing to take a daily medicine is an important decision that should be made if you believe the benefits out weight the risks. Taking PrEP significantly reduces your risk of getting HIV, and there are many other benefits you may experience as well.

When taken as prescribed, PrEP may reduce your anxiety about HIV and help you enjoy sex more. PrEP also requires that you complete routine HIV screenings and follow-up visits, so you will always know your status and be connected to a health care provider. By being on PrEP, you’re helping your community fight the HIV epidemic, and you could be a resource for someone else that may be considering PrEP.



“…That’s why I went on PrEP. Because I’m a sexual being, pure and simple…”

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Unsure about PrEP?

If you’re thinking about taking PrEP, you may have some concerns. We write about common concerns on this website, but be sure to also share your concerns with your healthcare provider before you start PrEP or any new medicine: PrEP Concerns